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Baptisms at St. Alban's

Baby Baptism Ceremony

You are a child of God, you are wonderfully made, dearly loved and precious in his sight.


– Psalm 139

The ritual of Baptism


Baptism is a ‘sacrament’ (a holy ritual to symbolise grace) that can be traced back to Jesus himself being baptised in the river Jordan.


Any parent living within the parish can ask for a Christening service for their child, in which they will be Baptised.


Baptisms can take place during the 9am Sunday morning service, or later on a Sunday or a Saturday morning by arrangement with the Priest-in-Charge.
Please contact the Priest-in-Charge to arrange a suitable date (usually 6–8 weeks before you would like to have the baptism).


We also welcome enquiries from adults who, not baptised as a child, would now like to be baptised.


There is no charge for a baptism service. However, if you and your guests would like to make a contribution to the upkeep of our church it would be most gratefully received.


For further information regarding Baptisms at the Church, please contact the Parish Office to arrange an appointment with the Priest-in-charge.

How can we help?

For further information regarding Baptisms at the Church or to make an appointment with the Priest-in-charge, please contact the Parish Office and we will be happy to assist you further.

P 07 3356 0030

Your enquiry has been sent. We will be in touch soon!

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